Loro Parque (Parrot Park) Zoo in Tenerife

The popular Loro Parque opened in December 1972, It’s now one of the top attractions in Tenerife. The same company own Siam Park also, one of the top water parks in Spain. When opened, the park had around 150 parrots.

There are now over 350 different types of animals and well over 4000 parrots. This super attraction has the reputation of being one of the best zoos in the world. Loro Parque now houses the biggest collection of parrots in the world.

Loro Paque Map

Loro Parque map
Loro Parque, Tenerife

Types Of Animals At Loro Parque

There is plenty more to enjoy here these days with a diverse assortment of animals. The main animal categories are mammals, fishes, reptiles and of course, the birds. There are also many super exhibitions and shows on offer when you visit. Loro Parque has now welcomed over 40 million visitors since opening.

Below we go into more detail about the various animals you can visit here. We will also touch on some of the top exhibitions and shows on offer.

As we have already touched on, the parrots are the main attraction and stars of the show here. This park would not exist were it not for the 4000 clever birds that live here. Seeing the diverse collection of parrots is a good enough reason to come here alone.

Also in the bird category we have cranes, flamingos and the adorable penguins. The four species of penguins are Gentoo, King, Rockhopper and Chinstaps.

Meeting The Penguins

Loro Parque Penguins

You first pass through a tunnel of ice to enter the penguin enclosure. This area is an indoor replica of the penguins Antarctic habitat. The light and temperature must remain at a suitable level for the penguins to survive. You can watch the penguins enjoy a swim in their pools or waddle on land. This amazing enclosure even provides the penguins with artificial snow.

Both the flamingos and the cranes have outdoor garden areas as you may expect. The flamingos have been part of the park for longer than most animals. Their numbers continue to increase year after year.

Address and Phone Number

Avenida Loro Parque, s/n
38400, Puerto de la Cruz. España

Tel: (+34) 922 373 841

Opening Times

The Park opens daily from 8:30 am to 18:45 pm. You can check the timetable here to see what time each show is on.

Loro Parque Ticket Prices

Entry to Loro Parque varies depending on age and type of ticket. The standard tickets are on the pricey side but’s well worth paying the fee. Many choose to buy a twin ticket that represent good value for money. The twin ticket will cost 60 € but will grant you access to the best attraction in Tenerife. The super Siam Park water park, is one of the best aqua parks in the world.

Here you can find a list of all ticket prices and more information.

Other Types of Animals at Loro Parque


Loro Paque Mammals

The assortment of mammals living at Loro Parque has been increasing recently. These mammals range from primates, other land animals and marine life. Representing primates there are chimps, gorillas and marmosets.

Feline mammals include lions, tigers and jaguars. Dolphins and sea lions are the most popular of the marine life. Other marine life includes the otters and the killer whales. Red pandas, sloths, anteaters and the cute meerkats are other mammals you can visit here. The lions are the newest addition to the mammal family.

Fish and Aquarium

Loro Parque Aquarium

Loro Parque has an impressive collection of fish and other marine life. Currently there are over 100 different species to pay a visit. Some you will find outside such as the beautiful Koi Carp from Japan. Most you can visit in the aquarium.

The amazing aquarium is a must visit area of this park. You pass through a tunnel with different types of marine life all around you. Here you will find various types of stingray and sharks. The 12 exhibition tanks display lots of other species such as jellyfish. There is even a coral reef on display which is very rare for an aquarium.

Loro Parque Shows

Loro Parque Shows

The main shows here consist of sea lions, parrots and dolphins. There are many other exhibitions and shows in the aquarium and other areas of the park.

Aquaviva, Planet Penguin and Lion’s Kingdom are some of the top shows here. Aquarium, Pueblo Thai and Naturavision are a few more you should check out.


loro parque alligators

The reptile category is the smallest with fewer animals than other categories. There is nothing small about some of the reptiles you will visit here. The alligators are the biggest found in northern America.

The Galapagos tortoises here are the biggest of their kind in the world. They can grow to almost 300 kilos in weight and almost 2 metres in length.

Completing the reptile family are the iguanas. The Rhino and Green iguanas are two species you will meet here.

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