Palmitos Park Zoo & Botanical Garden, Gran Canaria

Palmitos Park opened it’s doors in 1978, it soon became the top attraction in Gran Canaria. Making up the 49 acres of land is an aviary, an aquarium a zoo and a botanical garden. This super attraction lies in the popular resort of Maspalomas in the south of the island.

Palmitos Park, Maspalomas

Palmitos Park in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria welcomes several million visitors to it’s shores every year. Many will spend a day at Palmitos Park or combine a visit to Aqualand, also in Maspalomas. The Dolphins treat the 1500 capacity crowd to an awesome show twice daily.

Swim With Dolphins Experience

You can also pay a little extra to enjoy a 30 minute experience with the Dolphins. This experience includes swimming with the Dolphins which is also available for groups. If you would like to enjoy the Dolphin experience, you need to book as soon as you enter the park. It’s subject to availability so the first to book will have a better chance.

The Zoo And Animals

The Zoo enclosure here is the biggest in the Canary Islands. This zoo area alone could be as popular as Oasis Park in Fuerteventura. They are both fantastic attractions and well worth spending a day to explore. Below you can discover the main areas of the park and some of the lovable animals that live here.

Map of Palmitos Park

Palmitos Park Map

Visitor Guide

A PDF document guide to the park can be downloaded from the Palmitos Park Visitor Map page. You can click the image below to enlarge it.

palmitos park plan


Birds, Palmitos Park

There are several aviaries that are home to some of the most exotic birds from around the world. Many of the birds you can get up close and personal with. These include the Lories (Parrot relative), Flamingos, Toucans, Stalks and Emus from Australia


Komodo Dragon, Palmitos Park

There is an enclosure for lizard and reptile enthusiasts. The lakes house the Caimans, Californian Turtles and the fearless Komodo Dragons. You can also find the Gran Canaria Giant Lizard which is endemic to this island


Meerkats, Palmitos Park

The Mammal enclosure of the zoo is the most popular area. Here you will find different types of primates from parts of India and Asia. Some of the Mammals here include Aardvarks, Wallabies and Gibbons. This is also where you will find the big favourite for many people, the adorable Meerkats.


Aquarium, Palmitos Park

The Aquarium is home to some of the most exotic fish. Clown Fish and Sea Horses are among the favourite marine life. You can also see many types of venomous fish. Surgeon and Scorpion fish are a few species to check out. There is a small fresh water section here also.

Botanical Gardens

House or Orchids, Palmitos Park

For nature and garden lovers you have the beautiful House of Orchids. This is the biggest collection of Orchids in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Cactus Garden contains hundreds of different species of Cactus. Some grow taller than 4 metres in height.

The last section here is the house of Butterflies. This is the biggest Butterfly venue in Europe with hundreds of different species to admire.

Palmitos Park Ticket Prices

One day pass tickets currently cost 29 € for adults, 20,50 € for children and 8 € for up to 4 years old. Palmitos Park have many types of tickets including entry for Aqualand. Check here for all their tickets prices and opening times.

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